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The whole purpose of Surgical treatment is to allow us to live longer, healthier lives.
But , surgery is also a trauma to the body as It causes an inflammatory immune reaction as the body reacts to this trauma.
large inflammatory reactions can cause problems such as slow recovery.

So why Laparoscopic surgery?

Laparoscopic surgery is a procedure that uses small incisions and cameras, rather than large open incisions. When performed by the best laparoscopic surgeon in Dubai, it causes lesser trauma to the body, there is reduced postoperative pain due to lesser damage to tissues, and other organs are not disturbed during manipulation inside the abdomen. Early restoration of normal anatomy and minimal adhesion formation allows for early resumption of activities.

Details of the surgery as outlined by a leading laparoscopic surgeon in Dubai

Laparoscopy is an effective diagnostic and therapeutic tool and it is fast gaining acceptance as a preferred alternative to open surgery. It has an advantage over open surgery, as it can be used with lesser trauma to the body with smaller scars

The hospital stay is shorter, and cosmetically laparoscopic procedures such as tubal ligation, sterilization or removal of ovarian cysts result in less scarring. Laparoscopic surgery is safer due to lesser chances of complications and there are faster recovery times. It is minimally invasive and functional endoscopic equipment used by the best surgeons for laparoscopic hysterectomy allows for excellent visualization as well.

So, laparoscopy does give clear advantages over traditional open surgery, which makes it the best choice of treatment, especially for people who are obese or have medical conditions that increase surgical risks. Laparoscopic procedures are minimally invasive, thus allowing them to be performed on an outpatient basis and in a regular hospital with minimal discomfort. There is minimal pain, and patients can go home on the same day.

Laparoscopy is used for diagnosis and treatment of conditions such as :

  • Unexplained pelvic pain
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Pelvic infection